Test Your Hormone Levels to Determine Your Skin Health Needs

Test Your Hormone Levels to Determine Your Skin Health Needs

Hormones can have a very noticeable impact on any woman’s skin. Many hormones could influence a multitude of skin problems, among them changes in oil production and pigmentation.

Hormones’ Role in Skin Health

Hormones are chemical substances produced by the endocrine glands (the hypothalamus, adrenals, and parathyroids are each types of endocrine glands). They are messengers that instruct other parts of the body just how and when to work. Hormones oversee all the body systems, including stress, sleep, and heart health. Hormone levels also undertake a significant factor in skin well-being.

Because of puberty, higher levels of androgens (male hormones that are found in both males and females) can bring on an increase in oil production, resulting in acne. In a similar manner, changes in androgen levels during the menstrual cycle may also result to fluctuations in oil formation and the development of acne.

Estrogen, a hormone mostly produced in the ovaries in women, might also have an impact on skin. In the course of menopause, when levels of estrogen fall, skin can get thinner and drier, and wrinkles and lines may come to be more pronounced. Estrogen also performs a factor in maintaining the skin’s collagen production and elasticity, which helps to keep the skin looking youthful.

Progesterone, another hormone produced by the ovaries, may also have an impact on skin. During the course of pregnancy, heightened quantities of progesterone may induce modifications in skin, including the formation of a dark colored line that runs between the belly button and the pubic area and the darkening of the areolas.

As a whole, hormones ultimately carry out a complex part in the looks and wellness of skin, and fluctuations in hormone levels have the ability to have a multitude of effects on a person’s skin.

Home Testing of Your Hormone Levels

Learning about your unique hormone levels let you unlock solutions for improved skin, hair, nails, and even your all-around wellness, from disturbed digestion and bloating to lethargy from stress and sluggish metabolism.

Why Perform a Home Hormone Test Kit

Your results from a user-friendly home saliva test allow for the recommendations of a customized supplement, skincare, and wellness routine structured to your hormones.

Conditions you face outwardly like wrinkles are primarily connected with internal disorders such as bloating, fatigue, and painful periods — and these all stem from an imbalance of hormones. Female hormone screening enables you to see the big picture and deal with the core cause. Hormone testing has numerous advantages, among them:

  • Take out guesswork from your skincare and nutritional supplements procedures — strategies are supported by science, and generated by a medical advisory group.
  • 80% of skin challenges like wrinkles and age spots, acne, and skin discoloration are brought about by imbalanced hormones.
  • Female hormone testing is regarded as the most dependable way to acquire an understanding of the underlying root causes of skin conditions and re-orient your overall health.
  • It’s more convenient to check hormone levels at home
  • Typically women live with at least four problems from hormone imbalance — ranging from confusion to anxiety and acne.

How to Perform a Home Hormone Test Kit

There are several companies that offer at-home hormone testing, including Veracity Skincare. The procedure is straightforward, and will be carried out in the ease and comfort of your home.

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You can obtain an at-home hormone test kit from the Veracity Skincare website. When you get the kit your work is as effortless as furnishing a small sample of saliva coupled with the answers to just a few questions that enable Veracity get to know the whole you and proficiently interpret the test kit results. You’re going to make use of the furnished return package with prepaid delivery label to easily mail your test to the Veracity lab for evaluation.

When you purchase the test kit you’ll create an online account with Veracity. Veracity will use the email address furnished with your account to email you the results once the analysis is finished.

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Hormones That a Home Female Hormone Test Checks

An at-home hormone test evaluates a variety of principal hormones that have an effect on health and skin. Why saliva? When measuring hormones particular to health and skin, saliva tests consider the most bioavailable hormones, which means the hormones best able to be absorbed by the body.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

DHEA is thought deliver significant anti-aging pluses, in particular the ability to fight lines and wrinkles and keep skin toned. However, excessive concentrations could lead to increased acne and oil.


Cortisol helps sustain adequate levels of moisture in your skin. However, cortisol can also set skin’s oil production into overdrive, causing acne and inflammation.


A good amount of progesterone keeps your skin unblemished, hydrated, and safeguarded from the consequences of anxiety. An excessive amount of progesterone can produce acne and breakouts.


Estrogen impacts the skin’s abilities to hold fluid and produce collagen. Decreased levels can result in dry skin and wrinkles, whereas an excessive amount of estrogen may cause hyperpigmentation.


This hormone plays a role in effective moisture levels and sebum production. Raised levels or imbalances lead to unnatural hair growth and acne.


Basically, pH (potential of hydrogen) is the level of bases and acids in your body’s blood and other fluids. While pH itself is actually not a hormone, its value can affect the levels of a number of hormones. Each person has their own specific baseline pH. But, too high (base pH) can damage the skin barrier, while too low (acidic) can lead to peeling and dryness.

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Making Use of the At-Home Female Hormone Test Analysis

When your home saliva test has been evaluated, Veracity will provide you with a personalized health and wellness plan that includes skincare and supplement recommendations tailored specifically to your hormone levels. You’ll also be given diet and lifestyle suggestions.

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A Skincare Routine Based on At-Home Female Hormone Test Analysis

Your hormone-clean skincare regimen will be tailored to develop a healthy skin environment for lasting skin health. You’ll be recommended a skincare formula with ingredients optimal at addressing skin symptoms that result from your principal hormone levels. Every one of the recommended skincare products are picked to function in harmony. Proposed products may include items from a few groups:

  • A nourishing and protective moisturizer or serum that includes ingredients that set the stage for skin health
  • A vital concentrate — one of a variety of potent elixirs designed to counteract the results of hormonal imbalance in skin
  • A cleanser that’s hormone-optimized with active ingredients that work deep without stripping skin
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Your Supplement Recommendations Based on Home Hormone Test Analysis

The recommended supplement plan addresses your hormones directly to start treating the root factor of health and skin troubles. You may be recommended two core kinds of beneficial nutrients and probiotics for day-to-day hormone level maintenance, and additionally a targeted supplement to rebalance your most dominating hormone. Each proposed supplement is purely formulated with pure ingredients verified by a professional consulting team.

Nutritional supplements will help balance hormones. Proposed supplements will be chosen predicated on your individual demands, for example the best nutritional supplements for hormonal acne.

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Diet and Lifestyle Advice Based on Your At-Home Female Hormone Test Analysis

You’ll receive guidance for supplements you will want to take, but you’ll also want to be certain that you’re obtaining the best nutrients through your eating habits. As a component of your Skin + Health Test order, you’ll arrange — at your convenience — a complimentary discussion with a Veracity expert to speak about diet and lifestyle ideas individualized to your particular test results. And as of this writing, you will additionally receive a $50 credit for your first skincare and supplement purchase.

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